Instruction manual

Request account

We have already created some accounts for various customers and sent them the login details. If you have not (yet) received them, you can request a customer account on the Register page. You will receive your account details  within 2 working days, after which you can immediately view your order history and place orders online.


You can log in by clicking on 'login' in the top right of the portal. You will then be taken to the login screen. Here you can use the login details provided by us to log in.

Do you want to change the password provided by us? Go to the red symbol at the top right of the portal and click on 'My account'. Here you can change your password at 'Account management'.

Are the company details entered by us incorrect? Then contact our Sales department so that we can adjust this information. Call 0315-659805 or e-mail us.


There are different ways to search for your desired product(s) in our product catalog.

Is the article number already known to you?
Then you can enter it in the search bar at the top of the portal. This way you will go directly to the desired item.

Did you already place an order and would you like to order the same product(s) again?
Go to your history in 'My account'. Here you can open the relevant order and use the ‘Reorder’ button to place exactly the same products in your shopping cart.

Do you not yet know exactly what you are looking for?
Then you can use the categories and the extensive filter function in the product catalog to make a filter to arrive at the product you are looking for. Is your desired product not listed? Then contact our Sales department. We will then look for a solution together with you. Call 0315-659805 or send an email.


On the Terms page under the heading ‘Product info’ you can find the terms used with the corresponding information.

Add products to cart

Have you found your desired product? Then you can simply add it to your shopping cart. You can select the number of units with the + and - buttons. You can also type in the desired number. Then click on 'add' and the product will be added to your shopping cart in the desired quantity.

Place an order

Have you placed all desired products in your shopping cart? Then you can place the order by clicking on the red shopping cart at the top right of the portal and clicking on 'Finish'.

You can specify the desired shipping address and the billing address here. You are also able to enter a reference number, a message and a desired delivery date. Finally click on 'Send order' to finalize the order.

My account

On the My account page you will find your personal details, such as order history and company details. You can view and manage your personal data at this location.

Under 'My orders' in the menu on the left you can view current and completed orders, both orders placed via the portal and orders placed by telephone or e-mail.

At 'My quotes' you can view your outstanding quotes and, if desired, convert them to an order.